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poem | legacy

Today is my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary

Sixty years ago

they made a commitment

that would one day

bring me into

this world

Sixty years ago

(and six months)

they met on a blind date

and grandpa showed up late

and grandma wasn't impressed

"I don't like to be kept waiting," she said

he almost said, "To hell with it," and walked away


he admits, in his version of the story

but he didn't

and to this day

I'm haunted by the decision he made

to stay

because little did he know at that time

that sixty years ago (and six months)

when he said yes to my grandma

he also said yes to me

Gramma & Grampa, shortly after their first date

(at Grampa's convocation from engineering school)

photo taken on Treaty 1 Territory (Winnipeg, MB)

May 26, 1961

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