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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Tsleil-Waututh Territory

Oct 2021

The world feels intense and I need some funny to offset some of those feelings. Luckily, I live with two people who crack me up all of the time. Here are some conversations with my grandparents that have made me chuckle over this last little while.


Telling Gramma about a person I've been 'following' on social media and how I'm excited for the opportunity to meet them, professionally. She asks me if I know this person and I tell her you don't have to know a person to follow them.

She's silent for a moment then says quietly, "That's spooky."

This surprises me and I'm laughing, "Because I don't know them?"

Gramma, "Yeah, that's spooky. Does this person know you?"

I think about it, "Mm yeah kind of. We've never met but we've messaged before."

Her face is all scrunched up with a look of clear distaste, "Spooky."

I laugh, "You're right Gramma, it is kind of spooky."


I'm in another part of the house, overhearing G&G while they watch tv.

Grampa: “I don’t know what’s happening”

Gramma: “he’s going to kill her”

Grampa: “oh . . . oh she shot him"

Grampa again: "what's he doing now?"

Gramma: "putting the bag over her head"

I'm still in the other room, laughing silently at their cryptic conversation.

Grampa: “turn it down”

Gramma: silence while she's *trying*

Grampa: “you’re doing it wrong”

Gramma: “I’m not perfect”

Grampa: “I’m not either”


Grampa is sitting at the dining room table, visiting with family. I walk in.

Grampa, to me, "What was that white pill you gave me today?"

Me: “Mmm I didn’t give you a white pill today.”

Grampa: “Yes you did it was a white pill”

Me, wondering if he's talking about his usual med: “…do you mean the orange pill?”

Grampa: “No it was big and white and as soon as I ate it I had to go to the bathroom and poop - It went right through me!”

Me, slowly realizing: “Ohhhhhmygosh Grampa, that was the Polident that I gave you for your teeth. You were supposed to put it into the cup with your dentures!”

Grampa: “What do you mean?”

Me, laughing now: “That tablet was for cleaning your teeth!”

Grampa, not laughing but with eyebrows raised with a look of sincere surprise: "Oh, well that makes more sense then.”


There ya go. A glimpse into this here household. Wishing you & your household many laughs in the weeks to come!


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